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Who We Are



These foundations of The Moving Development are the building blocks of years of frustration, innovation and passion.

The concept of hard wearing garments has been inspiring us. We have digested and identified the fundamentals of what we desire in apparel and this has driven us to interpret what we perceive to be the compromise in which we have been searching for. Function, aesthetics and detail are the primary principles we build from.

Creative conception from cultures and individuals, past or present, drives the brand to innovate and produce clothing and items that we want to wear.


Daniel 'Bakes' Baker has a long history of association with street-wear and fashion, mixed in with other passions such as old cars, motorcycles, skateboarding and rock n roll. The foundations of The Moving Development are set from this.

Est. 2012.


“I just want to make items that I would wear every day. They have to have a purpose, not just exist for the sake of existing. Function and style, together, as a whole. ”